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Have you seen one of our team members going    above and beyond the call of duty? Do they 

always share a smile offer to serve in a way that  was a little out of the norm ? If so, we want them  to be recognized ! Please take a moment and give us their name and in a few brief words, describe  what they did that was special, and we will reward them with a gift certificate. You can write it on a  piece of paper and give it to Sterling, Lisa, Eric, or Leisel or just reply with an email to  Thank you!


If your church senior group needs some great entertainment for their monthly meetings, tell them to give us a call. Our hand-bell choir has played for area churches over the past few years and they have really became a hit. The program lasts approximately 25 minutes and will certainly earn you points with the preacher for recommending us ! Our schedule is open for the Fall and Spring, but dates fill in quickly. Call 322-6212 to schedule. There is no charge for the program.


Upcoming Events & Activities


Jun 3-7, 10-14, 17-21, and 24-28, 2024

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Bingo w/ Pathway Hospice

Every Wednesday from Jun 12 - 19, 2024

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Walking Club

Jun 3-7, 10-14, 17-21, and 24-28, 2024

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Flag Artwork

Jun 12, 2024

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MFuge Campers

Jun 4, 6, 11, 13, 18, 20, 25, and 27, 2024

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