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Costs & Comparisons

We realize each individual has different needs. Shepherd's Care has the unique ability to offer several options when it comes to room size, making it easier to find the accommodations that are just right for you or your loved one. Our room rate packages are all-inclusive, allowing you to avoid those unexpected "add-ons" to your monthly statement. See the Cost Comparison below to see how affordable Shepherd's Care assisted living really is.

The  Poinsett (small room)

  • Average square footage 156 square feet
Includes all amenities and services
Price: $3,900.00 per month

The Heritage (medium room)

Average square footage 228 square feet
Includes all services and amenities

  • Price: $4,400.00 per month

The Palmetto (large suite)

Average square footage 330 square feet
Includes all services and amenities

  • Price: $4,685.00 per month

Couples Suite

  • Average square footage 357 square feet
Includes all services and amenities
Price: $6,280.00 per month

Terrace View Living (Dementia and Alzheimer's Unit)

  • Average square footage: 300 square feet
Includes all services and amenities

  • Price: $4,400.00 per month Semi-Private

  •           $4,685.00 per month - Private

*Three private rooms are available at a cost of $4,250.00 per month



While costs may not be the single most important factor when considering assisted living, this sample comparison may provide some idea of the expenses. Often, people are surprised to find assisted living is more affordable than they had thought. Please note that while we cannot offer tax advice, we understand there may be some tax benefit available to Shepherd's Care residents and their family members.


  Shepherd's Care Medium suite Home/Apartment
Monthly fees or mortgage $ 4,400.00 avg. $900
Electricity, water, sewer, gas Included $280
Trash collection Included $20
Property insurance Included $ 80
Real estate taxes Included $ 50
Painting and exterior maintenance Included $ 50
Yard maintenance Included $ 150
Pest control Included $30
Laundry service Included $ 80
Carpeting and carpet cleaning Included $ 25
Security system and service Included $ 35
Food cost Included $300
Weekly housekeeping service Included $ 50
Companion ($10/hour) (socialization, meal preparation, transportation, etc.) Included $ 1,100
Cable Included $ 80
Other monthly incidental costs (entertainment, etc.) Included $220
Health and other insurance premiums $ 200 $ 200
Medical expenses including prescriptions $ 400 $ 400
Telephone $ 30 $ 30
Other miscellaneous costs (clothing, toiletries, etc.) $ 125 $ 140
Monthly cost of living $5,155 $4,220
Less: monthly return on equity invested in your home that could be invested after it is sold. Assume equity of $200,000 invested at 4.0%. ($580) $580
Total cost of monthly living $ 4,575 $ 4,800