Eric Thompson :: Shepherd's Care


The staff at Shepherd's Care are professional, well-trained individuals who genuinely care about our residents. Caregivers provide physical care 24-hours a day along with individual love and attention that make each resident thrive. A licensed practical nurse is on staff, and technicians are available around the clock to manage and dispense medications. The transportation coordinator maintains each resident's appointment schedule and transports residents to and from doctor's appointments. 


shc_4.jpgEric Thompson
Eric has served at Shepherd’s Care for seventeen years and is known for his enthusiasm and compassion for the residents and staff. He has been recognized as an outstanding administrator, receiving the Administrator of the Year award from the National Association of Activity Professionalsin 2009, as well as the South Carolina AD Distinguished Merit Award in 2019.  “Eric is an outstanding administrator who understands the importance of establishing a strong, viable activity program,” says Jim DeWitt, former assisted living administrator and supervisor of Eric’s. “Eric continually uses his creative genius to make his programs the envy of other assisted living communities in the area. Admirably, he will share his ideas with other facilities in order to improve the lives of seniors.”


Lisa Ellison - Director of Nursing 

Lisa has been an LPN for over 24 years, with extensive experience in long term care . Mrs. Ellison works directly with our care team, and is an advocate for each resident when it come to their quality of life. She will partner with family members in assuring their loved one is receiving the care they deserve. Lisa has the unique ability to feel at ease when they first move in.





shc_2.jpgSterling Burns
Business Manager
Sterling serves as the Shepherd’s Care business manager. Sterling’s standard of quality and excellence in our financial management has been proven time and again in her twenty two years at our facility. Sterling has an in-depth knowledge of all facets of our community. 



stephanie.jpgStephanie Whitfield
Activity Coordinator
Stephanie is our Shepherd’s Care activities coordinator. She has the unique gift of making each resident feel loved and cared for. She plans activities and special events to keep our residents active in body, mind and spirit. From our weekly nail salon and trivia matches to balloon volleyball games and joyrides, Stephanie’s creative approach to activities is limitless.